I know Free! might be confusing to the uninitiated, so I made a helpful table describing the characters:


if u ever think “huh i wonder whats the most popular pairing in fics for this one book series i like” dont

just dont


Got too much money lying around? Don’t wait for thieves to steal it—pay me to draw things!

What I will draw

  • OCs
  • Fanart
  • Humans/Humanoids
  • Anthros/Furries
  • Animals
  • R rated stuff (gore, nudity)

What I Won’t Draw

  • Porn (trust me this is for the best)
  • Bigoted/Hateful Things

Want to give me money for things? Here’s how!

Just fill out this simple form and email me at katherine[dot]hillis[at]gmail

  • Type of commission:
  • Name of character(s):
  • Basic details and personality of character(s):
  • Any specific pose/mood/theme requests:
  • References/Detailed description of character(s):
  • Any other notes:

All prices are USD and payment is through PayPal only

Slots are available now! Hurry before I find employment that pays a living wage!

*If the prices seem high, it’s only because I’d like to make more than $2 an hour


"hey i drew your favorite character/OC, but it sucks so —"



"Her idea of what a hero should be—and probably no small portion of her bravery—comes from being a fan. She’s already invested in this world. There is no question in her mind that when you see something going wrong, and you have the means to help, you must help. And that comes from having these other characters in her life, if only on her computer screen and the posters on her walls. Kamala is really the next logical step in the Marvel U—she’s a superhero who grew up with superhero culture; she’s an American growing up in a changing America. I think that’s why so many different people love her. I know it’s why I do."

- G. Willow Wilson, on Kamala Khan’s status as a superhero fan-turned-superhero (via ucarim)

Protect the one thing you want to protect until the end

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I don't like punching animals!